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wadetandroxim's Journal

W. T. Markham and R. M. Lange
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Wade is the braun and Roxi is the brains of this writing team. Just joking. We try to come up with things equally. We write Sci-Fi/Fantasy with a leaning more toward Epic Fantasy. There is one series that we will be working on within the next year or so that is a total collaboration from outlining to the finished product. We aren't going to give any hints about the name or the subject of the book until we start working on it so just keep watching for updates.

Everything in the interests after Transatlantic are things that Roxi put of from her own interests. Although some of them may be ones that Wade likes, he doesn't really care for a lot of her music interests. She does however, have a taste for his music, but then again, she has a wider variety of tastes in music than just what she listed. She likes just about anything from pop to hip-hop to rap to country to classical to... He is a little more narrow minded on the music front. There is also a wider taste in movies that she likes than just what is listed but there isn't a lot of room.