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Researching is bad for my health

There is another reason for liking working with Roxi.  She knows how to research when we need to.  I find researching uninteresting because I have not learned how to research.  While I was going to school, it was easier and faster for me to allow someone else to do the research for me.  In hindsight, I wish they would have taught me to how research so I wasn't overwhelm by the thought of doing it.

So in the realm of things that you just shouldn't do: Picking up a plastic utensil that has been on the stove too close to a burner on high.  I did this last night.  Talk about painful!  Eight hours later, it still felt like I had just done it and there was plastic embedded in my hand.  Mom and Dad came home earlier from their weekend at the camper and Mom took me to the ER in the middle of the night.

The doc in the ER took a look at it and said, "In Vietnam, we called that Napalm."  He ordered a percocet for me while I was there and the nurse put some silva-dene cream on it and bandaged it up.  The doc also said that it is at least first degree and perhaps second degree.

On the writing front: Wade and I have started working on the UF that we had worked out a month or so ago.  We are just finishing up the first scene and getting ready to start the second one.  Things are working out well with us collaborating on this.  I am really enjoying it.  Hopefully I will be able to think clearly enough to be able to write a little sometime today.  Of course, I got a little distracted last night what with the burn and all, so I didn't get the chance to do any writing.  Plus, I was a hand down and watching two little ones.

The biggest problem I have at the moment is to know when I should add some description or some exposition.  In my high school years, I tended to describe everything about the character and their surroundings.  I tried to curtail that, and I guess I went too far the other way because I hardly describe anything.  When I do, I feel I do it inadequately.  I think I need to relearn this particular skill and hope my confidence comes back.

Writing with Roxanne

<p>There are several reasons I love to work with Roxanne; all of them extend from she is one of the people--well the only person—that can pull me back from when I over plot a story or a series.  Without that, I feel we won't be to get published.  She also pushes me beyond what my body thinks it can do (several times she had to make me believe we were heading in the correct direction).  Although I do the majority of the writing at the moment, I hope one day soon we will be able to do the writing equally, and I think on that day we will be at our acme as a writing.  She also makes me feel people will see the real me once I get over my belief that people only see my disability.</p>

The Joys of Writing With Wade

From the mind of Roxi:  I have been thinking lately about what it is that I enjoy the most about working with Wade.  I think it's the fact that I am working closely with someone that I care so much about.  It gives me a way to see inside his mind and what goes on up there.  Not many people get that opportunity with their significant others.  I get to see the inner workings of his mind with what he writes and how we interact over the books.  It's kinda fun.

I really look forward to getting to work with him even closer on the series that we are totally collaborating on.  It will allow him to see into my mind even more than now because one of the characters in the series is based on a character study of myself.  Perhaps he will know why I enjoy it so much to read what he writes now at that point.